It is the soul of our idea.
The research and experimentation of yarns and processes fascinate us, giving us the chance to develop three different types of knitted fabrics, each with features and personalities to match the style of our bags.

The knitted fabric with braided effect wants to convey the naturalness of cotton, standing out through delicate color contrasts. The background color is made of 100% biodegradable nylon yarn (in anaerobic conditions).

The main feature of the knitted fabric with padded effect is above all the sensation of softness and comfort to the touch: an innovative technology allows bringing in the padding within the fabric during the production phase, by using a specific yarn instead of employing materials subsequently coupled.

The jacquardknitted fabric is made according to a re-interpreted classic technique and features graphic patterns with vivid contrasts of reliefs and surfaces.

Our values

Research and creativity

This is the first step for the creation of collections, the phase in which everything is possible. We catch future trends, look for materials, choose colors and test possible combinations.
Ideas flourish: we pick the best ones and start with development.

Technology and innovation

In the next step, our ideas begin to take shape. We plan the collection by designing the product and defining the color varieties, graphic patterns and accessories.
We carefully select the fabric for each bag. From the computer program to the machine processing, several tests are necessary to achieve the desired result. Everything must be perfect for you!
Unlike the traditional fabric, which is already produced and sold by the meter, the knitted one is specifically created for the bag: in colors, patterns, yarns and touch effects.

Craftsmanship and made in Italy

Quality is an essential value for us in order to create a product of excellent workmanship.
For that reason, we have chosen to remain faithful to an exclusively Italian artisan production to guarantee a high quality of manufacturing, creativity and refined details that only the "Made in Italy" brand is able to offer.
For the manufacturing of all our bags, we rely exclusively on selected leather goods artisan manufacturers from our region.
The manufacturing technique, together with the use of knitted fabric, also allows the reduction of the overall weight by more than 30% (compared to traditional leather bags).

High quality and traceable raw materials

The quality of our creations starts with the selection of materials:
- Yarns: we choose as many natural yarns as possible such as cotton, which is twisted for our bags by using a peculiar technique to create the three-dimensional effect of the fabric.
Our cottons come from one of the most important spinning mills in Northern Italy, as does the lurex yarn, which we source from the famous textile district of Biella.
The synthetic yarns we use are 100% biodegradable (under anaerobic conditions).
- Leather: we purchase certified top quality Nappa leather directly from the major producers of Vicenza’s tanning district.
- Metal accessories: we choose accessories in zamak, a metal alloy, which is highly resistant over time. We guarantee maximum transparency on the Made in Italy origin of the material we use.


Environmental sustainability is an essential value for us.
That’s why we choose FSC-certified materials such as natural and biodegradable yarns.
In addition, thanks to the use of knitted fabrics we reduce the use of leather by up to 70%.
Our working environment is green as well:
-The energy we consume comes from 100% renewable sources;
-We use low energy consumption lamps only;
-We differentiate waste by ensuring that it is properly disposed of.