Nicola Campesato

“How our innovation was born”

Our idea

What distinguishes an original idea from a simple idea is that spark, that thrill of having imagined something that, as it was thought, does not yet exist. The strength of this idea comes from the contamination of different worlds that we mix to create something unique, innovative, and extraordinary. In 2017, so comes the intuition to Nicola Campesato, founder of the brand, to create a line of bags inspired by his long-standing experience in the knitwear sector. This world full of innovation meets for the first time that of leather goods: one of the symbols of Italian craftsmanship tradition.

What comes from this union is an exclusive bag with a renewed personality, fresh, ironic, free of all rules and ready to excite you, just as it excites us, when we create it for you.
Each bag is the result of an artisan workmanship able to combine knitted fabric with the precious local Nappa leather, worked by expert leather goods manufacturers in the traditional fashion district of Vicenza.


The whole production cycle starting from design, to the search for materials up to the production process, takes place exclusively in Italy. This guarantees original design bags that transmit a superior quality to the touch in materials and details chosen with care and meticulousness. Always enhance your originality by choosing a Nicola Campesato bag.
Original bags for Original people.