Bags care

All our bags are completely handcrafted. The combination of our technique with fine yarns creates a high resistant product. In addition, the external surface of all our bags have undergone a water-repellent treatment.
However, if necessary, all our bags can be cleaned. The high-quality materials with which they are produced, involve greater care and attention in the use and maintenance of our articles.


In case of stains, you can use a wet sponge (with water and mild soap) and rub the fabric until the stain has faded. If you wish to wash your bag, we advise to carry out a dry cleaning. If you find any lint or other unwanted material, the best solution is using a lint remover brush.



For all our bags, we use 100% Nappa leather, whose maintenance requires specific care. To treat a generic stain or ring stain on a leather surface of the bag, we advise to use a wet non-abrasive sponge (with water and mild soap). Simply wipe gently the part you want to clean until you obtain the desired result. In any case, allow the leather skin to dry naturally, away from artificial heat sources.