The combination between artisan know-how and technological research; refined lines and innovative textures.

Nicola Campesato started his namesake brand in 2017 following his inspiration to create exclusive knit bags.
The company opened to a completely new business by merging its experience in the knitwear and leatherwear sectors to create knit bags handcrafted by finest artisans in Vicenza, a traditional tannery district in Northern Italy.

The result is a contemporary and exclusive knit bag made of high quality yarns combined with the finest Nappa leather sourced in selected local tanneries. Each bag reflects the quality typical of Italian craftsmanship, coupled with a constant search of innovative manufacturing techniques and materials.

100% Made in Italy

The constant research and experimentation enabled us to create three different types of knitted fabric, providing a unique character to each of our models. Let yourself be surprised by our finishes!



Its woven texture is the distinctive element of the brand. Cotton thread helps to give pleasant touch sensations, typical of knitwear.



It expresses the concept of three-dimensional mesh. Soft volumes and linear geometries take shape giving delicate perceptions of comfort, both to the touch and to the view.



A knitwear classic. It recreates drawings with the typical "pixel" definition, highlighting the single stitch. The overall image is both traditional and contemporary.

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